Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Second Childhood

I have decided that I am in my second childhood. I LOVE children's movies. I just went to see "Charlotte's Web" and I thought it was great and I intend to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I spent last weekend watching "Air Bud" and "Air Buddies" with my grandchildren then watching a six-hanky version of "Lassie" for which my granddaughter informed me I had more salt water in my eyes than she did.

I loved "Babe" too. The only Disney movie I was never able to finish watching was "The Fox and the Hound". I found it too violent. "Cinderella" is my favoritie Disney movie. In my bookcase I have all kinds of kids movies and I watch them even without the kids. For instance, "Beauty and the Beast" is another favorite. Although a lot of these movies have sad parts they always end up with a Happily Ever After ending. They make me feel good. It is someting I can do with my granddaughter. We cuddle in my chair covered with afghans and sing along with the musicals. It is a nice time. Something I did with the boys when they were younger as well.

Originally I told my husband I was buying these movies for the children but the truth is I buy them for me. I don't think I have fooled him a bit when it was me that wanted "Air Buddies" for Christmas and who was thrilled to receive "Shrek 2" last year. There is no help for me. I am stuck in a second childhood...and loving it.