Saturday, February 10, 2007


I find myself doing something I thought I would not have to do again until I went into the Nursing Home because moving is not an event I recommend after the age of 25. I don't recommend it after you start receiving an old age pension. It is hard work. So many things to sort out, to change, to discard and to give away. That is just the prep work. Then you have the tiring stuff. Packing dishes is my least favorite thing but something I have become very good at after 45 years of marriage and 22 of those spent in military life which required a lot of moving. I have a lot of crystal and what we refer to as "good dishes" so they must be packed carefully. Right now I have about twenty boxes of varying sizes messing up my dining room and that is only from the crystal and antique plates in the glass portion of the china cabinet. The doors below when opened will reveal two more shelves of the same. Then we move on to the buffet which has all the dishes, chaffing dishes (love that name, sounds soooo posh) and both our grandmothers original platters from their first dishes. Again things that require careful packing.

Love the CDs, DVDs and videos. Just slap them in a box, seal the lid and done. I do mark the tops so I know what I have put in there. Books will be easy too. Since we are only moving across town it is simply a case of boxing them too.

The same will work for the pots and pans in the kitchen. Found a great new way to move kitchen dishes. Buy new. They are already boxed. We will give the old set of dishes to our local Community Care group to distribute to people that need them.

We have several bags of clothes, shoes and wool to donate there too. I finally gave up clothes that have not fit me for a very long time but I kept telling myself I would slim down to them again. I guess it isn't going to happen. I hope someone will get the same pleasure from these dresses as I did, the same for the coats.

Since we are moving to a smaller place we have to downsize all over the place, which at our age is a good thing. The one thing I have trouble giving up is books. I have books all over the house but I love reading which I had difficulty doing for awhile. Now I can read to my heart's content...once I finish working on my own book. Well, I guess I could do both. Read to learn how to make my book better...that's it. Maybe I can get to that in the next millenium after I finish unpacking.