Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Childhood Memories

On the weekend I will be seeing a woman who was so important to me as an infant that I should never have let life get in the way of staying in contact.
I have not spoken to her for well over 50 years but talking to Betty tonight brought back comments and memories of such affection and love that I was reduced to happy tears.

This woman and her husband nurtured me for quite some time while I was a very little girl...so little that I remember the time in bits and pieces. I will have to check with her but I believe I was two or three at the most. Apparently they took care of me during the war while my mother worked and for some time I stayed with them on his parent's farm(Momma and Poppa's)until Betty and Del got their own home. Some of these times came flooding back.

--I remember Del building me a swing on a limb of the big old tree in their front yard and he and Betty pushing me "up to the sky". I reminded Betty of that tonight. She had forgotten.

--Going to the farm with Momma and Poppa and being chased by the turkeys. I hated and feared the old turkeys. I have never minded eating turkey since.

--Being in the old farm house kitchen with such wonderful aromas that I can almost smell them now. We got to eat the apple peelings for the pie apples.

--Watching while Momma 'laid up' many, many jars of fruits and vegetables. There were no freezers as such.

--It was always the same too in the big white house on Queen Street. Whenever I would go Momma always had cookies or some other delectable thing baking. Her houses were always welcoming.

--On the phone tonight Betty told me of Poppa always rocking me in the old rocker and singing "a song about an apple tree-- over and over". Now my daughter, and I too, know why I liked the song "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me" so much.

When Betty and Del had a daughter of their own they named her after me. Surprisingly she looked a little like me too with the same blond hair and blue eyes.

I have never known for sure how long I was with this wonderful family, or even if it was just a daycare thing or overnight and Betty is at an age where she is not certain either,but I find it easier to remember that age with them than with my own family. No one in my family ever talked to me about it. I do know that my father was overseas at the time from letters he wrote to his mother.

I had tried once or twice to find them but only knew Del by a nickname and Momma and Poppa were gone.
I was messing around on Facebook one night and decided, out of the blue, to type in their daughter's name. I found it attached to an obituary for her father Del. I contacted the funeral home who gave the message to Jane, Del's daughter.

Unfortunately I had waited six months too long to reconnect with these wonderful people. I never got the chance to let Del know how much he meant to me. It just proves that we should not wait to connect to ones we love or those whom have had an impact on our lives. As the adage goes you can only be sure of today. Tomorrow may be too late. In this day and age of fax, telephone and email there is no excuse.


Blogger Merry said...

What a beautiful picture!
Seriously. So many children's pictures look posed or like the children were forced into them. This pic looks spontaneous and fun. I guess it's true people don't change as they grow up :)

7:17 PM  
Blogger Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

You're so sweet Merry. I had just been given these little wooden shoes that were made for me. My dad was a newspaperman and his friend was a photographer who took the picture. He won two awards for it and it became the cover of the paper's magazine edition.

7:27 PM  
Blogger BCB said...

Oh, I love that picture! All that personality. It's just-- you!

Scope, you have a rare talent for memoir. There are so very few people who can tell stories about themselves and their past and make them compelling and interesting to others. I remember you'd tell us stories sometimes on the old blog (the first one) and I always wanted to hear more. I bet your kids and grandkids do too.

I'm not saying you shouldn't finish your WIP, not at all. But I do wish you'd devote some serious time and effort to writing a personal memoir. All the stories of your life. I haven't heard one yet that isn't fascinating.

Really, I think it is such a perfect fit for your natural voice. Any time you can do something that well, you almost have a responsibility to do it. I hope you will.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

Okay Bcb. I have discussed this with my personal editor, CMS, and I accept your challenge and my responsibility. I have made a list of some of the things I want to write about that may be interesting to other people.

As CMS pointed out I have had a very interesting life, some of which I have written about earlier in this blog. I have met several celebrities, I have grown up with a reporter and been one, I have been a nursing assistant, an airwoman, a mom, a late student, a teacher. I have also edited, proofread, written columns for and been business manager of several small newspapers.

I guess I could find something to write about. I'll look into it. ;-)

8:22 PM  
Blogger BCB said...

Scope, I know you probably think I'm just being Nice (and we all know how good I am at THAT *snort*) but I'm really serious. Write them as if you're telling them to me (or whoever) for the first time. You're so good at it. Incorporate pics if you have them.

And don't let anyone discourage you by telling you memoirs don't sell. It's true, the vast majority of them don't. But that's because so few people have the voice to do it right. Or they have over-inflated egos and make up stupid crap to impress the wrong people. You won't do that. Hell, you don't have to.

I'm feeling very happy right now. Let me know how it all progresses, okay?

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, make that THREE blonde haired, blue eyed little Pennys. :)
Great pick. I agree with bcb, write down the memories (says someone who should probably do the same). I have been collecting some of the memory things I tell the cbs in a folder. Also, the E! and A! stories.


11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I swear I wrote p i c not pick....

11:26 PM  
Blogger orangehands said...

A very good message and look how cute you are.

And I second BCB. Plus, you have a small audience already waiting for you. I especially want the airwoman section :)

10:26 AM  
Blogger Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

Funnily enough OH I wrote down "Airwoman" on the list of things that I thought I would write.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous McB said...

Lovely post, Scope. Lovely memories. I agree that you should write them down.

6:55 AM  

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