Sunday, September 10, 2006


This is a picture of Princess Sarah. She attended a Celtic Festival with her Aunt Sheryl and friend Jeanie. All three dressed for the festival and had their picture taken by one of the organizers to be put on the Festival website in a few days. Sarah is our three year old granddaughter, Scott's little princess. She is also the one that calls me "Scooped Up Cherry Bum" instead of scope dope cherrybomb. She is a very happy little girl who sings and talks ALL the time. We love her and her brothers very much.

The second picture is Sarah and a friend doing the Highland Fling. Sarah had never done it before so her friend was teaching her. She remembered it pretty well. Enough to demonstrate it to her grandfather and me several times.


Here is a picture of our son Scott as he is in full camouflage gear. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Army Reserve and very proud of it, as we are of him. This weekend, Sept. 06 he is away on manoevers with the Army. In his other life Scott is a banker. He has a wife Nicki and three children, Michael, William and Sarah.